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Revenue Opportunities

We help our clients consistently increase ecommerce revenues by making prioritized and high-quality site adjustments. We also help your team learn and understand actions that are most fruitful for revenue. No matter how your team is setup, we can provide clear value and expedite growth.

Ecommerce Revenue =

Traffic * Conversion Rate * Avg Order Value

Opportunities implemented are aimed at increasing 4 areas


Carefully planned and executed website improvements to promote organic & referral traffic.

IncreaseConversion Rate

Lightening fast customer conversion paths, strong mobile interfaces & clear navigation are just the beginning.

Increase Order Value

Implementing creative ways to increase your average order value, from free shipping countdown, upsell customizations etc.

IncreaseCustomer Retention

Customizations & software to entice users to return to your store after their first purchase.

Our Approach

We help your team find, prioritize and implement various types of diverse growth opportunities.


Readymade & custom solutions to help store visitor easily, clearly and quickly make purchases.


We take your existing content and improve it, then help you identify where more is needed.


We take your existing design and look to improve it globally, then on a more individual level.


Helping you identify, implement & analyze various software that will confidently bring ROI.


Keeping track of, searching for and acquire more store entrances throughout the web.

Although diverse, all opportunities implemented will have some type of visual or functional value to the store visitor. Unlike ad spend, opportunities addressed to a high level have a on-going impact, these can then build on top of each other.

Best Clients, A Grand Slam

We have worked closely with, playing a key role in their high online growth numbers since 2017. The online side of the business is has generated growth revenues of many millions during their relationship with Explained.

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