ROI-based ecommerce software, optimizations & management.

Explained helps your ecommerce business implement growth opportunties through easy software & expert agents.

We have helped many sites achieve significant conversion, traffic & revenue increases.

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Crafted Software

Ecommerce Functionality

Built by experienced in-house developers

  • Clean lightweight UX
  • Fully Integrated Filtering
  • Customer Group Pricing (Custom Logorythm)
  • Robust, Customizable Customer Portal
  • Integrated Product Reviews, & Product Questions
  • Full Inventory Tracking
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Securedly stored customer payment method.
  • User updatable subscription management
  • Coupons, Taxes, Bulk Discounts etc.
  • Connect To Any Processor: Stripe, Authorize.net etc.

Simplified U.X.

Striving for speed & clarity for all

  • Sub-Second Page Loads
  • Order Status Notifications
  • Text messaging integration
  • Full-Width, Mobile-First Responsive Design
  • Instant Product Filtering
  • Sticky Regions to reduce whitespace & promote engagment

Integrated S.E.O.

We have taken the time to ensure not only killer U.X., but also various items for the search engine.

  • Little to no whitespace in content
  • Lightweight code
  • Schema.org Markup
  • Robust XML Sitemap, including product variants

Key Optimization Abilities

Customizations On-Demand

The ability to gain competitive advantages through code and functionality customizations in dramatically increased.

  • Experienced customization advice & ideas
  • Complex custom fields available (objects)
  • Quality, in-house developers who are familiar with the software

Integrations On-Demand

The ability to gain competitive advantages through 3rd party integrations is dramatically increased.

  • Custom API Integrations available
  • Server-Side Integrations - Javascript Reductions

Expert Developer Access

We understand the value of a quality developer, all of our developers are tested and vetted for quality.

  • Developers are always available for chat, and emergency calls.
  • Creativity from developers who built the system iteself

Smart Infrastructure

Proven Technology Only

We only use lightweight, customizable and proven technologies so we can reduce moving parts.

  • Proven Javascript Frameworks
  • Digital Ocean, SendGrid, FOXY
  • JSON Webhooks to save and send secured data.

Digital Ocean Servers

All builds come with a dedicated server increasing in size with each build.

  • Full PCI Compliance
  • Various security protocols indluded
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Included

Simple Management & Expert Advice

Simple Site Management

We have ensured an easy path for all client adminitration tasks.

  • Robust Import Export tool
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantees
  • Integrated Clean CMS
  • Header & Footer HTML Access
  • CSS & Javascript Access

24/7 Expert Support

We are dedicated to solving issues that arise quickly.

  • 24/7 Expert Chat
  • Emergency Phone Support